Mete Ismayilzada,    Debjit Paul,    Syrielle Montariol,
   Mor Geva*,    Antoine Bosselut

EPFL, * Google DeepMind



Recent efforts in natural language processing (NLP) commonsense reasoning research have yielded a considerable number of new datasets and benchmarks. However, most of these datasets formulate commonsense reasoning challenges in artificial scenarios that are not reflective of the tasks which real-world NLP systems are designed to solve. In this work, we present CRoW, a manually-curated, multi-task benchmark that evaluates the ability of models to apply commonsense reasoning in the context of six real-world NLP tasks. CRoW is constructed using a multi-stage data collection pipeline that rewrites examples from existing datasets using commonsense-violating perturbations. We use CRoW to study how NLP systems perform across different dimensions of commonsense knowledge, such as physical, temporal, and social reasoning. We find a significant performance gap when NLP systems are evaluated on CRoW compared to humans, showcasing that commonsense reasoning is far from being solved in real-world task settings. We make our dataset and leaderboard available to the research community.

What is it?

CRoW is a multi-task benchmark to evaluate commonsense reasoning ability of AI models in solving real-world tasks where this ability is required.

The benchmark includes 6 diverse real-world NLP tasks:

  • Open-domain Dialogue
  • Dialogue Summarization
  • Intent Detection
  • Safety Detection
  • Stance Classification
  • Machine Translation (en-de, en-fr, en-ru, zh-en)

How is it built?

We design a common multi-stage data collection pipeline for generating commonsense-based Winograd-style variations of examples, which can be applied to many tasks. This multi-stage approach has two key benefits. First, we can ground the perturbations to commonsense dimensions, ensuring the Winograd schemas differ on commonsense violations. Second, a particular stage can be skipped if the data for it is already available, which is the case for several tasks in our benchmark.


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Please also consider citing the original datasets used to construct this benchmark which can be found in Tasks section.